Ph.D. Programme in Business and Management

Programme objectives

The aim of the Doctoral School of Business and Management is to provide Ph.D. studies for students specialising in engineering management, management sciences and business economics.

During their doctoral studies they will focus on recognizing, formulating and modelling the economic, technical and social aspects of different production, service and public activities.

The Business and Management Ph.D. program accepts students with a master degree from all domains of business and management master programs, such as marketing, management and leadership, finance, accounting, regional and environmental economics, international economics and business and business administration (MBA). Applicants holding a master degree in other areas (e.g. mathematics, physics, informatics, and different areas of engineering) can also be accepted after the special consideration of the management of the doctoral school.

Available research topics of BME Doctoral School of Business and Management

Course structure

Subject/type Total credit 1. semester 2. semester 3. semester 4. semester 5. semester 6. semester 7. semester 8. semester
Economics 4/v/5
Research methodology 4/v/5
Management and business economics 4/v/5
Compulsory program subject 1 2/v/3
Compulsory program subject 2 2/v/3
Study in total 21 8/v/10 4/v/5 2/v/3 2/v/3
Education/K 24 2/a/3 2/a/3 2/a/3 2/a/3 2/a/3 2/a/3 2/a/3 2/a/3
Consultation/K 35 5/f/5 5/f/5 5/f/5 5/f/5 5/f/5 5/f/5 5/f/5
Research work 100 15 15 10 20 20 20
Research in total 135 20 20 15 5 25 25 25
Publication 1/K 10
Publication 2/K 20
Publication 3/K 30
Publication in total 60 10 20 30
Gand total 240 33 28 31 31 28 28 28 33

* Legend:
weekly hours/type of exam/number of credits

Type of exam:
a – based on course work and/or final examination
v – final examination
f – based on course work

Admission criteria

General conditions of admission into the doctoral programme:

  • A master degree certificate certifying that the student has successfully completed master level university studies and passed the final examination preferably with a qualification of ‘Merit’ or ‘Distinction’.
  • Master degrees in Business management, Management Science, Engineering management and Business Economics are acceptable. Applications from other areas (e.g. mathematics, physics, informatics, and different areas of engineering) can be also considered after the special consideration of the management of the doctoral school.
  • B2 level command of English: a TOEFL iBT score of 88 and above, IELTS overall band 6.5 or above
  • Initial scientific/professional achievement.

Tuition fees and financial support

Participation in the English language programs of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences is subject to a tuition fee. For a list of tuition fees consult the following web page.

Students may apply to the Stipendium Hungaricum scholarship program for a full waiver of their tuition fees. For more information, please, consult the web page of BME dedicated to the Stipendium Hungaricum programme.

The admission process

Applicants must prove their comprehensive professional knowledge, ideas regarding their doctoral work, previous professional activities and language proficiency personally or through an on-line interview. The Admission Committee evaluates the performance of the Applicants on a scale from 0 to 100, which score serves as a basis for ranking:

  • qualification of degree certificate (0-25 points)
  • language skills (0-15 points)
  • professional skills (0-30 points)
  • previous scientific activities (0-30 points).

Students have to reach a minimum of 60 points to be considered for admission, nonetheless passing the 60 point limit in itself guarantees neither admission nor eligibility for a scholarship.