Building Q


The campus of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics is located in the heart of Budapest – within easy reach of ample housing facilities, public services, historic sights and recreational facilities –, but it still provides a peaceful environment suitable for intense study and research.

The campus is made up of two neighbouring parts, both located on the right bank of River Danube, one of the most significant rivers of Europe. The traditional campus boasts with beautiful, historic buildings and an elegant park, an inspiring place to stroll around and engage in discussions. The other part is located in the so called Info Park, home to university buildings and high-tech businesses. This is a more recent development highlighting modern architecture and an innovative, contemporary work environment. The map of the campus is available here.

The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences is located in Building Q in the Info Park, a new building featuring modern, state of the art lecture halls and a perfect study environment with flawless internet access and other facilities. Most of the departments of GTK are also hosted in the same building making the interaction between students and professors very easy.

The campus of BME has a variety of facilities to meet the needs of its diverse student population. From dining to working out, from studying to getting a medical check-up students can find all important services in one place.

Notation of the rooms in Building Q

E.g.: QA407 = Building Q; Wing A; Floor 4; Room 7