Well-being Center

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Well-being matters. Psychological flourishing matters even better.


The goal of the GTK Well-being Center is to empower its employees to live their daily work and career years to the full in a positive and supportive atmosphere.


We aim to contribute to this by providing support with the tools of work and organizational psychology: whether it is about strengthening psychological resources, workplace factors affecting mental health, the quality of workplace relationships the GTK Well-being Center aims to provide guidance and solutions to help solve individual and collective issues, to successfully implement projects, to achieve individual work goals or to fulfil one’s leadership role with success.


Building and strengthtening a positive psychological climate and a culture of workplace happiness is the result of a long-term collaborative process. It benefits greatly from the insights, feedback and active contribution of all colleagues: this is how we can get on the ’same wavelength of success’.


The GTK Well-being Center aims to promote well-being at individual and organisational level. We look forward to everyone being a part of this!

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Our programs:

Autumn 2023: Hot Topic Talks (Focus Group Discussions)

During the focus group discussions of Hot Topic Talks, we aim to explore and understand the experiences and stories of colleagues related to workplace well-being and their personal experiences in this context. Our goal is to gain insights into each other’s perspectives on workplace well-being and fulfilment, identify common and distinct characteristics reflected in these experiences, share them with one another, and engage in a pleasant conversation on the topic. We welcome all GTK employees, including academic researchers, administrative staff, and doctoral students.

“The best ideas are born at the coffee counter.”

Before every event, we have a 45-minute coffee and networking session. We welcome all colleagues with coffee and pastries, including those who cannot attend the “Hot Topic Talks” event, for the purpose of networking and community building – registration is not required for this.

Who should attend?  When?  Language and Application
Staff (including PhD students) 


23 November 2023, 13:45 – 16:45
After-lunch coffee & networking: 13:00-13:45 
in English

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The GTK Well-being Center’s colleagues

Ágota Kun, PhD – professional manager, university associate professor (kun.agota@gtk.bme.hu)

Alexandra Halmos – project manager, PhD student (halmos.alexandra@gtk.bme.hu)

Fanni Vasvári – organizational consultant, PhD student (vasvari.fanni@gtk.bme.hu)

employees of BME GTK Department of Ergonomics and Psychology


  • 7 June 2023, Teachers’ Day, 9:00-10:30: ’Connecting in a Different Way’ workshop
  • During the school year 2023-24, we will conduct an exploratory research on employee needs.
  • Autumn 2023: focus group discussions (register to participate: halmos.alexandra@gtk.bme.hu) | Details coming soon.
  • Spring 2024: one-on-one consultations (register to participate: halmos.alexandra@gtk.bme.hu) | Details coming soon.

What does the GTK Wellbeing Centre not do?

Our psychological well-being depends on certain areas that are vital to our well-being, that cannot be supported by the tools of work and organisational psychology (e.g. material well-being). For advocacy issues, contacting the Trade Union of Higher Education Employees is recommended (https://fdsz.bme.hu). For our students, the BME Student Services is available in case of individual psychological well-being issues, self-awareness development needs or soft skill trainings (https://hszi.bme.hu/en/Counseling/psychological-counseling).