Master in Management and Leadership

Basic information

Level of Studies: MSc

Mode of Study: Full-time

Qualification: Economist, Specialisation in Management and Leadership

Form of Finance: State Scholarship / Fee-paying

Duration of the Programme: 4 semesters


The programme equips admitted students with knowledge, skills, and competencies required for a successful managerial career in the age of digital transformation, cultural and global change. Students enrolled in the Management and Leadership Master’s programme have solid and integrated professional knowledge in a broad field of management. The basic essentials of the program cover knowledge areas in quantitative decision making, operations management financial management, marketing, project management, business law and business analytics human resources and international strategy. In these fields students develop competencies of effective communication, working in teams, adopting international benchmarks, appreciating cultural differences and acting upon ethical principles of social and environmental sustainability. With their acquired knowledge, students are able to analyse, plan and manage the processes of the competitive and public sector organizations.

We consider our programme unique from the following two overarching points of view. The first is the integration of digital transformation and its implications for all of our courses. Secondly, we cannot imagine successful leadership without understanding cultural diversity, the essence of working in projects, and without balancing economic interests with the interest of social responsibility. Our aim is to transfer knowledge and experience through lectures, seminars, case studies and simulation exercises to work on. Invited experts also provide insights into the application of theory in several production, service and public sector institutions.


Course Guide
For Course guide and programme plan open: Master in Management and Leadership Course Guide


Course Checklist
7NAM05 course checklist


Programme Plan of Master in Management and Leadership

Name of Course Unit Type




1. 2. 3. 4.
Semester 1
Economics C 2/t/3
Quantitative Methods C 4/t/5
Management and Marketing C FC 4/t/5
Corporate Law C 2/t/3
Production and Operations Management C FC 4/e/5
Accounting C 4/e/5
Organisational Behaviour C 4/e/5
Semester 2
Data Analytics C 2/t/3
Corporate Finance C 4/e/5
Production Organisation C 4/e/5
Quality Management C FC 4/e/5
Management Elective Block 1. CE     2/t/3  
Management Elective Block 2. CE 2/t/3
Finance Elective Block 1. CE 2/t/3
Elective Course Unit 1. E 2/t/3
Semester 3
Investments C 2/t/3
Environmental Management Systems C 4/e/5
Management Information Systems (MIS) C 2/t/3
Project Management C FC 4/e/5
Intensive Seminar C 0/s/4  
Finance Elective Block 2. CE 2/t/3  
Business Law Elective Block CE 2/t/3  
Elective Course Unit 2. E 2/t/3  
Semester 4
Logistics and Supply Chain Management C 4/t/5
Analysis of Production and Operation Decisions C 4/e/5
Technology Management C         4/e/5
Thesis C 12/t/15
    24/3e/31 22/3e/30 18/2e/29 24/2e/30

Compulsory (Core) Unit
CE: Compulsory Elective Unit (students may choose units from a pre-selected list)
E: Elective Unit (students may choose course units from the entire university portfolio)
FC: Final Examination Course Unit

Assesment Type:
e: examination
t: mid-term grade
s: signature

E.g.: Quantitative Methods – C 4/e/5
Compulsory (core Unit), 4 contact hours per week, performance assessed by means of examination, totalling 5 ECTS credit