Doctoral School of Business and Management


The aim of the Doctoral School of Business and Management is to provide Ph.D. studies for students specialising in engineering management, management sciences and business economics.

During their doctoral studies they will focus on recognizing, formulating and modelling the economic, technical and social aspects of different production, service and public activities.

The Business and Management Ph.D. programme accepts students with a master degree from all domains of business and management master programs, such as marketing, management and leadership, finance, accounting, regional and environmental economics, international economics and business and business administration (MBA). Applicants holding a master degree in other areas (e.g. mathematics, physics, informatics, and different areas of engineering) can also be accepted after the special consideration of the management of the doctoral school.


Data sheet of the Doctoral School in the database of the Hungarian Doctoral Council




Bodies of the Doctoral School:



Research Topics of the 2023/24 academic year (Please note that we cannot accept topics that are not listed by the Doctoral School of Business and Management).



Doctoral (PhD) degree award procedure


Rules and Regulation

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Academic Calendar

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2022/2023 Academic Calendar



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