The Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (GTK) of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is one of the prime institutions of higher education in Hungary specialized in the fields of business, economic and social sciences.

By establishing the first Faculty of Economic Sciences in 1934 in the country, the Hungarian Royal Palatine Joseph University of Technology and Economics, the predecessor of BME, has pioneered the education of social sciences in Hungary. Apart from providing degrees in economics and business studies, the Faculty also played a role in teaching students of the engineering faculties of the university.

Although the Faculty was terminated by the Hungarian Parliament in 1948 (after World War II), it was re-established fifty years later in 1998 as a result of increasing demand for highly qualified experts with a technological, economic, management, communication and social science background.

The Faculty has more than 3000 students studying in 6 undergraduate (BA/BSc), 12 graduate (MA/MSc) and one doctoral program (Ph.D.) taught by more than 100 professors in the fields of economic and social sciences.

Our programs are among the best degree programs in Hungary in social sciences. According to the latest Hungarian rankings, our bachelor programs in Technical Management and in Communication and Media Science are ranked number 1 in the country, while our Bachelor in Business Administration and Management and Bachelor in Finance and Accounting programs occupy the 2nd and 3rd positions in their respective fields.

As the youngest faculty of BME, the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (GTK) provides a dynamic and accommodating environment to all of its students and academic staff in the middle of Budapest, the historic capital of Hungary.

Programs offered by the Faculty provide solid theoretical foundations, along with up-to-date practical skills to their students at the bachelor, master and doctorate levels. The Faculty offers the largest MBA program in the country, as well as a high-ranking Ph.D. program in management science.

According to the international rankings of Eduniversal, our programs are also successful at the European and global levels. Based on the results of 2018:

  • the Marketing master degree program was among the best 15 in Eastern Europe
  • the Finance master degree program was among the best 19 in Eastern Europe
  • the Engineering Management master degree program was among the best 7 in Eastern Europe
  • the Regional and Environmental Management master degree program was among the best 50 programs globally.

(For more detailed information regarding the international ranking of BME and GTK within, consult the following website.)

Apart from its well established programs in Hungarian, the Faculty has launched its English language programs in 2019, which is available to students from all around the world including students of the Stipendium Hungaricum program.

The Faculty is a member of EFMD since 2018. EFMD is a global network of business schools and corporations dedicated to enhance excellence in management education and development globally.

Since GTK is very active in providing courses to students of the engineering and natural science faculties of the University in both Hungarian and English, the Faculty can offer ideal conditions for those students, who are interested in a multidisciplinary study environment and are ready to prepare themselves for the contemporary challenges faced by our societies.

Students of GTK can enjoy state-of-the-art facilities, including a modern building with well-equipped lecture halls and widely available internet services, which promote effective learning and a very enjoyable stay at the University.

The Faculty hosts the Centre of Modern Languages, which provides language courses, exams and a translator and interpreter training program to students and staff of the University, and the Centre for Physical Education, which provides modern facilities and a wide range of sport programs to the students.

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