Sport Center

In line with BME’s mission and tradition, physical education and sports are a priority and our goal is to make physical activity part of the university life.

The organizational unit responsible for the coordination of Physical Education at the University is the BME Fitness and Sport Center. It also provides the professional background in organizing traditional university and faculty championships and cups.

Students can use the BME’s sports facilities outside the Physical Education classes (for a fee) and they can inquire about the possibilities at BME Fitness and Sport Center (Budapest XI., 4-6 Bertalan Lajos Street; Room 113).

Information on Physical Education and competitions can be found on the website ( and on the Facebook page of the BME Fitness and Sport Center . We encourage everyone to visit the facility to make it easier to choose a sport. During the Physical Education classes, the practice material of the given sport is applied in a training manner. We offer a choice of nearly 30 different sports (courses).

Free sports opportunities: athletics, football, basketball, volleyball.

Sports for a fee of 6000 HUF/semester: tennis, squash, ricochet, badminton, table tennis, body building, spinning, indoor climbing, ice-skating, Krav Maga, aikido, boxing, Iaido-jodo, women’s self-defence, dancing, aerobic, TRX, functional circuit training, yoga.

For more information about the sports at the BME contact the Sport Centre or visit the following website

See you at the sports fields!