Intensive Seminar Programme (ISP)

The BME Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences offers various specialized masters level management programs, including MBA. The Intensive Seminars Program (ISP) began in 1996, originally offered only for MBA students and now successfully open to all management masters (Engineer Manager, Finance, Accounting, Marketing). The purpose of ISP is to widen the scope of business education internationally and expose the participants to discourse and practices of contemporary issues in management.

Generally, our objectives entail skill and knowledge improvement for our students in approaching managerial decisions, conceptualizing problems, and understanding key challenges of leaders in different industries and business functions.

Typically, a team of four to six visiting faculty participate in ISP, each of them delivering two different topics. The faculty may be university professors, business leaders, or professionals.

It is important for us to broaden our students’ horizons and to motivate them professionally therefore we place great emphasis on involving the best Hungarian experts, recognised professionals in our programmes. In the morning of the last day of the lecture series, traditionally, the main lecture is held by a Hungarian professor.

ISP is scheduled over a four-day period starting on Wednesday and ending on Saturday. Attendance is estimated to be 50 – 150 students for each day, participating in all the different seminars.

BME Intensive Seminar Program List of Lecturers