Intensive Seminar

The Intensive Seminar Programme has a 25-year history at the BME Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. To mark its 25th anniversary, the subject was offered in a renewed form in 2023. In addition to presenters from international higher education institutions and the corporate sector, participants had the opportunity to meet some of the Faculty’s outstanding lecturers. During the Intensive Seminar Programme from 12 to 14 October 2023, students were also given the opportunity to work with corporate trainers and academics of our Faculty in various workshops.

Evolve with modern technology – Annamaria Tuan

Make technology your friend, not your enemy – Svetlana Ivanova

One problem, multiple solutions – Jacob Brix

BME GTK Intensive Seminar Programme – 2023

Take a peek at BME GTK’s intensive seminar

2023 Intensive Seminar Programme (12-14 October 2023)

2022 Intensive Seminar Programme   (28 November 2022 and 3 December 2022)